Prep Table Repair And Service

Your business likely uses sandwich and salad prep tables. Properly maintained prep tables are going to have a longer lifespan and they’ll be more energy efficient. With that being said, you should always take steps to ensure that your prep tables are properly cared for. Doing so will make a major difference. The system will work more efficiently so you can save money on your electric bill. This could make a stark difference so your business can make a profit easier. Suffice to say, you should never neglect your prep tables or the cabinets under them. The equipment is vitally important to the overall success of your business.

The prep tables ensure that your workers have everything they need to prepare sandwiches and salads. The cooling cabinets provide them with quick access to more ingredients when they’re needed. To ensure that the system works well, the equipment must be maintained. Otherwise, there is a risk that the refrigerated cabinets will develop bacteria or spread food-borne illnesses. Allowing us to maintain your system will help you avoid such problems.

Once your tables have started malfunctioning, you must resolve the problem. Otherwise, the malfunction could force you to close your business for a while. If this happens, you won’t be able to serve your guests or make money. Proper maintenance can help you reduce the likelihood that this is going to occur. We encourage you to call our office so our specialists can properly care for your equipment. We’re confident that our regular maintenance services will reduce the risks involved. We’ll make sure that everything is clean and operational.

If we find problems, we’ll replace the part when necessary. Call today to learn more about our sandwich prep table repair and maintenance services.

Most Common Issues Linked To Sandwich Prep Tables

It is normal to encounter problems with sandwich prep tables, but some issues are more common. The key is to prepare for these problems because you never know when they’re going to occur. You should write down our number so you can call us immediately. Before you can fix this issue, you must identify the source of the problem. We’re always here to help. Some of the most common problems are mentioned below.

  • The compressor has stopped working
  • The cabinet isn’t maintaining the right temperature
  • The box has started developing condensation
  • The coils have ice on them
  • Your doors are not shutting properly
  • The items stored in your cabinet are freezing

If you have any other Commercial Refrigeration issues please check out other services.

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