Milk Coolers

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Milk coolers are designed specifically for milk products like soy, almond, skim, whole, and goat milk. Medical center cafeterias, restaurants, grocery stores, ice cream shops, and convenience stores utilize these coolers to ensure their milk products are stored properly. Milk is at a high risk of spoiling, with the slightest drop in temperature.

Milk Cooler Malfunction

Milk coolers utilize components to create the perfect environment for milk storage. To create a cold environment, a compressor, condenser coil, thermostat, PTC transistor, and evaporator. Each component plays a major role in the refrigeration process. Another important component that is often overlooked is the refrigerant, a mixture of gases.

The refrigerant is stored in a pressurized system inside the milk cooler. Copper piping is utilized to allow the mixture of liquid gases – propane, ammonia, methyl and chloride, and sulfur dioxide – to flow freely. The copper piping is very durable but can spring a leak. A leak can also occur within the refrigeration system. The first sign of a refrigerant leak is ice build-up on the coils. This is an obvious sign that is visible from the interior compartment.

The malfunction may also be associated with a faulty condenser coil, thermostat, or compressor.

Our Milk Cooler Maintenance

Our company provides quality milk cooler maintenance for all beverage coolers. Our trained technicians have years of experience in the appliance industry. We offer scheduled maintenance services.

Our milk cooler maintenance includes a variety of services, including:

  • Visual inspection
  • Refrigerant check
  • Refrigerator coil cleaning

Our Milk Cooler Repair

We offer same-day, emergency, and scheduled milk cooler repair services. Our work vans are stocked with premium components, refrigerants, and Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning “HVAC” equipment.

We utilize premium OEM refrigeration components as replacement parts. In most cases, our technicians can make repairs on the same day.

Contact our local office to schedule a free milk cooler inspection today.

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