Ins And Outs Of Walk-In Cooler Door Gaskets

It is common for business owners to ignore the gaskets in their walk-in coolers. The component is easy to overlook, but it is one of the most important components of all. You must go above and beyond to keep your gaskets in excellent condition. Otherwise, you’re going to begin experiencing serious problems. Your walk-in cooler won’t be as efficient as it could be. In addition to this, your system will begin working overtime. Once this happens, you’ll likely notice an increase in your energy bill. Maintaining your door gaskets will make a big difference. Make sure that they’re in excellent condition so the system is properly sealed. A1 Houston Commercial Refrigeration Repair Once the gaskets stop performing as expected, you’re going to start losing money. The system will start losing air. Your items will begin getting hot. If you don’t fix this issue, it could lead to spoiled food. Depending on the condition of the gasket, it may need to be replaced. Do you have any concerns? Don’t hesitate to call us. We’re standing by eager to help you with this problem.

Various Gasket Types

It is important to find out more about the different types of gaskets. There are two main types, including wiper gaskets and magnetic gaskets. You will find both in your walk-in freezer. The magnetic gasket is installed to help ensure that the system is properly sealed when the door is closed. The magnetic gasket is found on your walk-in cooler’s door. Typically, these gaskets are always thicker. They are made using PVC material that is flexible. Your walk-in cooler may also have wiper gaskets. These gaskets are slightly thinner than the magnetic gaskets. It is common for wiper strips to be made using vinyl. They’re important for keeping your system sealed. If something happens to your gaskets, remember that we’re here to help you.

Maintenance Tips For Walk-In Cooler Gaskets

Make sure that your walk-in cooler gaskets are thoroughly maintained. Caring for the gaskets will protect them and ensure that they’re going to last much longer. If you’re dealing with small gasket tears, you can likely fix the problem using petroleum jelly. Just remember that this will only be a temporary fix. You’ll eventually have to replace the gaskets because the problem will worsen over time. A professional can help you find suitable replacements. You’ll also want to keep the gaskets clean. Dirt and debris can lead to several problems. First, the debris will prevent the door from closing properly. In addition to this, there is a risk that the debris will cause the gaskets to rip or tear. If you notice any problems, call us so we can replace the gaskets for you immediately. Always check your walk-in cooler for icing and condensation. Unfortunately, this could be a sign that you’re dealing with gasket problems.

Replacing Faulty Walk-In Cooler Gaskets

You are likely going to need to replace your walk-in cooler gaskets at some point. If you don’t, the  walk-in cooler will lose its efficiency. Before you can complete this step, you must find out more about your walk-in cooler gaskets. You have to find exact replacement gaskets for the best results. We recommend getting in touch with a qualified professional in your area. Doing so will make a big difference since you can guarantee that the gaskets will fit perfectly. Although they’re often overlooked, walk-in cooler door gaskets are vital. The gaskets guarantee that the system is sealed and that the correct temperature is maintained. If you notice any problems, get in touch with our experts. We’ll check the gaskets to see if they must be replaced. Then, we’ll replace them for you.

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