Employee Safety In Walk-In Coolers & Freezer

As an employer, it is of the utmost importance to protect your employees. This is something you must do at all costs while providing a safe and happy work environment. You want your employees to enjoy coming to work and working within the environment required of them. You want the same for yourself. Of course, with life being what it is, there are going to be times when work is just simply hard and there is no avoiding that. A1 Houston Commercial Refrigeration Repair Unfortunately, some working environments are more dangerous, hazardous, and harder to control. Freezers and coolers would be the perfect examples. Although almost impossible, any employer needs to take the time to make sure they are putting forth the effort to make working in their coolers and freezers as enjoyable and safe as possible. How can you do that?

A Dry Environment

This one probably seems a bit obvious, but you’d be surprised at the yearly reported slip-and-falls in coolers and freezers. What’s even worse is that 90 percent of these cases could have been avoided if someone cleaned up their mistake as it transpired. Yes, coolers and freezers do build up frost and ice, which creates slipping hazards as well, but most reported falls in cooling appliances are because of spilled liquid produce. If that produce stagnates for just a few hours it could turn into a solid sheet of ice in such arctic conditions. Train your employees to tackle spills and leaks immediately. Accidents are going to happen and it is much better and safer if everyone is upfront about them.

A Clean And Organized Environment

This one probably also seems a bit on the obvious side, but cooler and freezer safety are as simple as using common sense. A good neatly organized cooling appliance makes the working environment so much safer and more efficient. Employees can easily locate and pull stock or find empty shelves to restock overstock products. Being able to quickly locate items inside the cooler and freezer limits the time employees have to spend inside and that should be ideal for any employer. Make sure you stress the importance of your stockers to maintain an organized environment. Designate, name, and label shelves if needed. Make sure even the newest of employees know what products go where and how much should be properly stored on each shelf. Make a diagram if necessary and post it outside the cooler.

Safety Latches And Door Checks

While all modern cooling appliances come with safety door latches that allow the doors to be opened from the inside, they seem to fail at the most opportune of times. These devices aren’t commonly used and being that they are constantly exposed to the colder environment, it wears the components much faster. Therefore, one should keep a diligent eye on these safety devices. Make it a monthly habit to engage them and ensure their proper functioning. They may not be needed often, but when they are needed, they become of the utmost importance. Such devices could be the difference between life and death!

No Overloading Of Shelves!

Going back to a neat and orderly working environment, freezer and cooler shelves should never be overstocked. When inside such undesirable locations, it’s common to get in a rush and leave stock wherever it lies or throw it anywhere, so you can get out into the warm. Not everyone is physically gifted with height or strength. Some employees might naturally already have a harder time reaching items on the top shelves. A heavy box will only increase their chances of an injury. If you are already maintaining a neat and organized working environment, this one really takes care of itself. Another thing to consider is to stress the importance of asking for assistance. If one employee can’t reach something on the top shelf have them seek assistance or find a ladder.

Proper Gear Is A Must

It is impossible to stay inside some freezers and coolers for longer than 20 minutes. You certainly couldn’t even stay in that type of environment for that long without the proper safety gear. It is your responsibility to have all the necessary gear on hand. You don’t want your employees venturing into a cooler or freezer without the right attire. They will likely only be concerned with getting in and getting out as quickly as possible. Putting your employees in a position where they feel as if they need to rush only creates a recipe for potential disaster. In addition to this, gloves, coats, hats, and glasses can break or get misplaced. Maybe an employee needs a backup. Either way, always made additional safety equipment available to employees. Make sure they know where it is and how to properly use it!

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