Controlling Odor In Your Walk-In Refrigerator Or Freezer

It is important to provide your clients with a comfortable, clean place to eat. Otherwise, they’re going to find another place to enjoy a delicious meal. With this in mind, you have to find out more about the common sources of unpleasant odors. In some cases, there is a risk that your walk-in cooler is going to develop a bad smell. Once this happens, it is only a matter of time before the odor spreads throughout the structure. It could be spoiled food or a hidden spill. Either way, you must identify the source and tackle it immediately. Our technicians can help, but you may be able to rectify the problem on your own. Your walk-in cooler might be a few years old. A1 Houston Commercial Refrigeration Repair If so, there is a good chance that it will have a strange smell. The system is enclosed so the odor is going to be noticeable when you enter your walk-in freezer. You should expect to notice an odd odor when entering your walk-in cooler. However, you don’t want the odor to spread throughout the building because it will impact your guests. If your guests begin smelling a putrid odor, they’ll likely stop eating at your establishment. Bacteria are going to grow so the odor will become much stronger. Suffice to say, you must take steps to resolve this problem before it hurts your business. We recommend cleaning out your walk-in freezer. Start by removing all items from the cooler. Once you’ve done that, you can start cleaning the walls, floors, shelves, and other items in the cooler. Don’t use harsh chemicals because they may create problems. Instead, you should try cleaning the surfaces using hot water and soap. You can also use white vinegar and baking soda. The mixture works well because the vinegar will help eliminate the odor and stop mildew from developing. Once you’ve sprayed the surface, be ready to wipe the surface immediately. Once you’ve finished cleaning every surface in the walk-in cooler, be sure to let the surface dry thoroughly. You can also use charcoal to deal with the hideous odor. Place a bowl of charcoal in the cooler so the charcoal can absorb the odor. Instead of using charcoal, you can try using baking soda or coffee grounds. In some cases, you may not be able to resolve the problem on your own. Don’t worry because our specialists are here to help. We offer comprehensive refrigeration services and can help eliminate the foul odor in your walk-in freezer. If you cannot remove the smell on your own, there is a good chance that we can help. Call our office to get started today. Regardless, don’t let mildew grow in your cooler because it will lead to a foul odor spread throughout the building.

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