Chiller Repair

Commercial establishments, including food manufacturers and other food preservation services, utilize an appliance called a blast chiller. The appliance is designed to rapidly decrease the temperature of food. The main purpose of an ice chiller is to prevent bacteria growth related to foodborne illnesses.

Caterers, restaurants, and commercial kitchens utilize blast chillers. It is the most effective, safest, and efficient way to preserve meat, vegetables, fruits, and prepared food. 

Reducing the temperature of food also helps preserve flavors and nutrients.

Our Chiller Blast Maintenance

Chiller blasts utilize a variety of components that function in unison to reduce the temperature of all kinds of food products. Like all appliances, the internal chiller blaster working components sustain minor damage with each use. Over time, the damage becomes more apparent. Eventually, a full malfunction will occur, which could compromise your business operations.

Routine chiller blast maintenance can help minimize the risk of a full malfunction. Our maintenance services include a thorough visual inspection and cleaning.

The most common chiller blast malfunction is a faulty compressor, followed by damaged coils.

Our Chiller Blast Repair

We offer same-day, emergency, and scheduled repair services. We operate long hours to ensure access to quality appliance repair throughout the city. We offer free written quotes with an inspection.

Our skilled technicians have years of experience in the appliance repair industry. Our customer support will gladly dispatch a technician to your business to complete the inspection within 24 and 48 hours of receiving the service request.

Our work vans are stocked to the brim with premium OEM replacement parts, refrigerants, and equipment. We can make the necessary repairs and have your chiller blaster back up and running within hours of arrival.

Contact our local office to schedule a free chiller blast inspection today. Our prices are fair and competitive with other local appliance repair service providers.

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