Avoid Costly Commercial Refrigeration Repair

As someone who is running a convenience store, restaurant, or café, you must make sure that your equipment is working correctly. Otherwise, you may be unable to serve your guests. Plus, there is a chance that your edibles are going to spoil. Unfortunately, this means that you’ll have to pay out of pocket to replace these items. It’ll take a toll on your business and make it difficult to create a profit. Suffice to say, you should prepare to deal with display refrigeration problems right away. Otherwise, the problem will rapidly worsen. We’re available around the clock so we can help deal with the issue immediately. Once you notice problems with your display refrigerator, get in touch with our experts. A1 Houston Commercial Refrigeration Repair If you don’t fix the problem, it is going to worsen. Before you know it, the problem will no longer be fixable. Instead, you’ll have to replace the equipment. The costs will be significantly higher. There is a good chance that the problem is going to occur at the worst possible time. Delaying the problem increases the likelihood that your food is going to spoil and that you’ll have to replace the equipment. Don’t delay getting in touch with our specialists. We can fix the issue you’re dealing with while helping you save money. You may be able to prevent such problems by properly caring for your equipment. Clean the equipment regularly and lubricate moving components. Proper maintenance protects your equipment from costly repairs while keeping its efficiency at its peak. Use the advice below to protect your costly equipment.

Don’t Forget To Clean Everything

Many business owners make the mistake of not cleaning their commercial display refrigerators. We do recommend this because the problem is only going to worsen. Instead, you should do something about it immediately. For starters, you should start by cleaning your equipment. Make sure that you clean everything at least once every month. Do not use harsh chemicals because they could damage your finish. Instead, you should use gentle cleansers to guarantee that you don’t damage anything. Be careful when cleaning electrical components. Wipe them with a wet rag to avoid getting these components wet. The condenser coils and fan must be cleaned each month. These components are going to collect debris and dust over time. Once this happens, the debris could hinder the performance of the equipment. Cleaning the coils can be tricky. Therefore, you may want to buy coil cleaner. Otherwise, you can let a professional handle this for you. Doing so is safer and ensures that you’ll get better results.

Inspect The Equipment Regularly

The equipment should be inspected regularly. Doing so ensures that the equipment is going to last longer and maintain optimum efficiency. Use the advice below when inspecting your equipment for potential issues.
  • Start by checking your system for leaks. If you notice water around the equipment, there is a good chance that something is wrong. The coils might be clogged. You have to be careful about this because clogged coils will eventually lead to compressor failure.
  • Check the cabinet for condensation regularly. If you find water inside the cabinet, there is a chance that the doors aren’t properly closing. Air may be entering the cabinet and causing condensation to build up.
  • Airflow should be unobstructed around the coils.
  • Always listen for unusual noises. If the system is too loud, there is a risk that something bad is going to happen soon. The motor might be overworking. Call an expert when you notice unusual noises.
  • All gaskets should be checked regularly. If you notice that the gaskets are damaged, they should be replaced. An expert can help you find suitable replacement gaskets.
  • Don’t forget to look at the fasteners and hinges. Over time, there is a good chance that they’re going to loosen. The screws will begin backing out a little. Tighten them immediately to avoid problems.
  • Check the castors and legs to make sure they’re in excellent condition. If they’re bent or loose, you’re going to have problems.
  • Besides doing your own inspection, we recommend teaming up with an expert. Professional refrigeration companies can inspect and clean vital equipment such as coils, motors, and more. They’ll also check the refrigerant levels.

Hire A Professional Right Now

Once you’ve noticed that something could be wrong with your display refrigerator, you must fix the problem. When something breaks, you’re not going to have time to shop around. Instead, the problem must be rectified immediately. Use the advice below to find the best technician in your area. Planning ahead can make this much easier.
  • Make sure you’re working with a reputable expert in the field.
  • The technician should have the skills needed to work on any brand and model.
  • They should be happy to customize the agreement to meet the needs of your business and budget.
  • The company must respond to your calls rapidly. You shouldn’t have to wait more than a few hours.
  • The technicians should be certified. They must have years of training and experience.
  • The company must be able to handle all your needs. If you have multiple stores, they should have enough specialists to solve problems at both establishments simultaneously.
  • Make sure they keep records of your orders and transactions.
Our company is here to help you. When you’re ready to get started, call our local office. We’ll send our leading experts to your business to properly maintain your system so you can avoid costly repairs.

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